Jumping for joy: Emery Gate treats Poplar College students to high - energy day out


Students at Poplar College, Chippenham, had a spring in their step this week when they enjoyed a day out at the world’s largest trampoline park, courtesy of Emery Gate Shopping Centre.

Using funds raised from its very successful Christmas Grotto, the shopping centre paid for the students from Poplar College, which caters for young adults with additional needs, to enjoy exclusive hire of AirHop Bristol. There, the students could bounce on one of 135 trampolines, play basketball or dodgeball or just enjoy the soft landing in the foam pit.

Some 100 students took part in the day out, which included students from New Fosseway school in Bristol. Staff from Eagle One, owners of Emery Gate who have their regional office in Bristol also went along to help out.

Discussing the day, Phil Maclean, Retail Marketing Manager of Emery Gate Shopping Centre, said: “Rather than just hand over a cheque, we wanted to do something really special and we thought a day out at AirHop Bristol would be perfect. 

“All too often, young people with disabilities cannot enjoy the activities that their peers take for granted. For example, a day out at a busy venue like Air Hop Bristol just wouldn’t be possible for many of the students at Poplar College due to physical disabilities or sensory issues. By hiring the venue exclusively  we’ve enabled them to enjoy a stress-free day out. We’re delighted that the money raised at our Christmas Grotto could be used in this way.”

Sue Flavin, the Deputy Head of Poplar College, added: “What a great day! We all had so much fun at AirHop. Such a sense of freedom for our students to be able to bounce on the trampolines. All of our students enjoyed being there, whether they were on the trampolines, or watching from the gallery. We really appreciated the support given by staff from Eagle One and Emery Gate. And the delicious pizzas! It really was a momentous day for us.”

Daniela HeadingComment