A guide to popping the question


When to pop the question?

While the Christmas season might be over (just) - the Christmas magic still lingers in the air. This magical atmosphere can often get those in love thinking about proposals of marriage and declarations of love.

Emery Gate has teamed up with F.Hinds the Jewellers to find out what you think is the best time of year to pop the question to that special someone. We spent all day surveying shoppers just like you, and here is what we found:

40% said ‘when the time feels right’

33.33% said ‘Valentines day’

20% said ‘Christmas or New Years’

6.67% said ‘Partner’s birthday’

Valentines day came out as the second most popular answer - maybe time to get your thinking hats on swiftly as it is fast approaching!

How to pop the question?

Now that we have thought about when to pop the question, what about HOW to pop the question? Should it be an elaborate romantic moment with balloons and confetti? Should it be in front of all your family and friends? Should it be a private and intimate moment between you and your partner?

We’ve put together a short ‘how to’ guide with some ideas:

  1. A modest proposal:

It might surprise most of you guys out there, that girls don’t really care about big and extravagant. They don’t need oodles of money spent on them to be happy. A quiet and intimate proposal can be a beautiful way to show your love.

  1. Enormous surprise party:

On the other hand this is a once in a life time occasion and you might want to go all out. Maybe even for all your friends and family to be there. Why not make a surprise party of it? If you’re going to take this path, ensure beforehand your partner and you are DEFINITELY on the same page about getting married.

  1. Everyone loves food:

As the title states - everyone is a food lover. What better way to propose than while having a delicious meal. Or maybe there’s a favourite restaurant you like to visit together?

  1. Employ the help of your friends:

Make some t-shirts saying ‘Marry me?’ and get your friends to wear them. Attach a banner to your friends car saying ‘Will you marry me?’ and get them to drive past you and your beloved. Got a friend with a hot air balloon? Stick a ‘Will you marry me?’ sign on it. Are you or a group of your friends in a band - write your beloved a song! After all, what are friends for if not to be part of one of the biggest moments of your life?

  1. A holiday proposal:

Going on holiday is already great fun, you’ll both be filled with excited feelings. REMEMBER: If you’re packing a ring - don’t get busted at the airport!


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